Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VCGW has figured out how to fully monetize the Internet Advertising Industry, making it a revolutionary ground floor opportunity.  This also marks as a new 'category creator' within the network marketing industry.  What that simply means is that most if not all category creators have gone on to become billion dollar giants within the home business/network marketing industry.

We believe, will be no different and you have the opportunity to start profiting right along with us right from the ground-floor.

There has never been a better time to become involved in the Internet Advertising Industry than right now.  And you are truly in the right place at the right time, because will allow you the opportunity to make all of your financial dreams a reality.

The financial opportunity that offers, comes from an infrastructure and growing industry that is designed to build continuous income for you. This is made possible through a unique 'Cost-Per-Action' advertising service, an relatable/exciting business name and practices that serve the user, the entreprenuer and the online advertiser.

Why Internet Advertising?

In real estate, they say location is everything. In business, success usually has a great deal to do with timing. In advertising, there couldn’t be a better moment than right now.  We are currently experiencing the intersection of three very big trends and many other solid facts that is perfectly poised to take advantage of.

Simply put, Advertising is one of the world’s largest industry's.  At over $400 Billion spent annually worldwide and growing online by leaps and bounds, it’s a vast market. With an industry this big, a online 'viral' company able to capture even a small piece of that pie could be wildly successful and profitable.

TREND #2:  
More and more advertisers are being pushed away from online advertising giants like Google.  Either because its becoming more and more expensive, targeting is being controlled or Google is simply banning 10,000's of them for not using their ever changing policies.

TREND #3: 
Nowadays, more and more people than ever are choosing to leave the workplace and enjoy the freedom that comes with being their own boss.  Or, more and more people are worried about the unstable economy and job security are going online to look for ways to add income through home business opportunities or online guaranteed income sources like 'Paid-Per-Action' opportunities.

FACT #1:
The vast majority of the worlds population would switch from using a standard search engine like Google or Yahoo (which pays ZERO to the searcher/user), to a 'Paid-Per-Action' search engine service that would give them the exact same results, but would financially reward them for using it.

FACT #2:
Most people online looking for a income opportunity are skeptical about investing into a business opportunity right away.
With the 'Paid-Per-Action' opportunity, all these people can get started and earn money before becoming fully active to the whole compensation potential.  Even without having to recruit other people.

FACT #3:
95% of all home business advertisers and online marketers are afraid of risk when advertising.  With small budgets and the lack of online marketing skills, most either over analyze or never advertise at all causing their businesses to go nowhere.  The 'Cost-Per-Action' targeted advertising service offered here will allow the marketer to choose the action and the cost of that action.  Thus, giving them a 100% predictable result for every penny spent on advertising.

The result of all this is that is simple...A HUGE opportunity for you!  While more and more businesses expand their advertising reach online, and as online marketers seek guaranteed results from there advertising dollar, and people from around the world realize that earning extra income online is a low-risk venture with 'Paid-Per-Action' opportunities. will be the financial solution for hundreds of millions of people over the next 3 to 5 years and you are right at the beginning of this revolution.

Why Network Marketing?

Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing or Social Marketing is the most powerful business model today for rapid growth and expansion, and it is the business model that has chosen to launch both our unique services: 'Paid-Per-Action' and 'Cost-Per-Action'.

The personal freedom, human connections and self-empowerment that it offers make it the natural choice for educating and sharing our soon to be in demand services.

Network Marketing is a product of steady evolution, outgrowing earlier business models by eliminating middlemen, resellers and the associated price markups. By unifying the creator/service provider with the marketer and user, Multi Level Marketing and the complete 3-in-one business model, ensures that everyone from the user to the entreprenuer to the company mutually benefits.